Environmental Policy

Protecting the environment is always a priority for a responsible company like P&J Ellis. As a coach company, we are fully committed to reducing environmental impact wherever possible, starting by encouraging large groups of people to opt for coaches rather than individual cars. Travelling by coach causes less pollution (per passenger per kilometre) than the equivalent journey made by train or car. Recent research suggests that travelling by coach also significantly reduces road congestion. We know this is an important consideration for many of our clients, so find out how we are playing our part in looking after the world around us.

The ‘Euro’ emission standards, issued in a series of European Union directives, define the acceptable limits for vehicle exhaust emissions. All our coaches are compliant with the Euro 6 standards. At P&J Ellis we:

  • Use, quality vehicles from Mercedes and Volvo with the cleanest engines available
  • Maintain our coaches to the highest standards, ensuring that they are running efficiently.
  • SCR stands for Selective Catalytic Reduction. SCR is a technology that reduces nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas.
  • The engine is optimised for low emissions of diesel particulates and low fuel consumption.
  • By adding a reducing agent, the polluting nitrogen oxides produced during combustion are converted into the two harmless substances of nitrogen and water vapour within the SCR catalytic converter, which also has the effect of significantly lowering particulate emissions.
  • The reducing agent, called AdBlue®, is carried in an auxiliary tank connected to the catalytic converter unit.

In order to reduce pollution in London, all coaches operating in the London Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) must meet new regulations governing particle exhaust emissions set by Transport for London. To comply with the ULEZ standards, and therefore avoid paying a ‘surcharge’ when entering the zone, P&J Ellis’s coaches must meet the Euro standards applicable at the time. All P&J Ellis coaches are ULEZ compliant.

  • Coach passengers takes up far less space on the road than the same number of people travelling by car.
  • Reduced road congestion allows average speeds to rise, which in turn allows engines to operate more efficiently with reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions.
  • Bus lanes can generally be used by our coaches, thus reducing congestion even further.
  • We also maintain our coaches to the highest standards. P&J Ellis’s maintenance standards are exceptionally high because we employ our own specialist team of mechanics, working in well-equipped, purpose-built garage facilities at our Perivale head office coach depot. This helps to ensure that our coaches are operating cleanly and efficiently at all times.

We are always happy to get on board with new ways of reducing our environmental impact. If you would like to talk to us about our policy and practices, please do not hesitate to contact us at enquiries@pjellis.co.uk